Aomei Fone Tool Technician Keygen 2.5.0 Full Free Activated

Aomei Fone Tool Technician Keygen is one of the most powerful and user-friendly utility suites for repairing iOS and Android system issues, recovering lost data, transferring files between devices, removing forgotten lock screens, and more.

With its wide range of features and stellar technical support, Free download Aomei Fone Tool Technician provides an all-in-one solution for fixing mobile device problems and effectively managing your smartphone or tablet.

An Overview of Aomei Fone Tool Technician

Aomei Fone Tool Technician Keygen is a versatile software toolkit developed by Aomei Technology, a leading provider of data backup and recovery solutions. It is compatible with the latest iOS and Android versions and runs on Windows PCs.

This utility suite equips you with professional-grade tools to:

  • Diagnose and fix over 50 common iOS and Android system issues
  • Recover deleted or lost data like contacts, messages, photos
  • Transfer selected data between iOS and Android devices
  • Remove forgotten lock screen passwords and unlock locked phones
  • Clean junk files and free up storage space
  • Perform comprehensive mobile hardware diagnostics

With Aomei Fone Tool Technician Full version crack, you don’t need advanced technical skills to resolve most software-related and hardware issues with your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet.

The key features that make Aomei Fone Tool Technician stand out include:

Repair System Issues – Fix iOS issues like recovery mode, white Apple logo, black screen, stuck on boot logo, etc. Solve Android firmware problems that cause boot loops, black screens, app crashes.

Recover Lost Data – Retrieve accidentally deleted contacts, text messages, WhatsApp data, photos, notes, and more from iOS and Android. Recover data from water damaged, broken or unresponsive devices.

Transfer Content Seamlessly – Selectively transfer data from iPhone to Android or vice versa. No manual re-saving or exporting required. Maintains data integrity during transfer.

Unlock Screen Passwords – Bypass forgotten passcodes, PINs, Face ID, Touch ID and other lock screen passwords on iPhone and Android devices.

Remove Junk Files – Scan device storage and identify large, duplicate and residual junk files. Safely delete junk files to free up space.

Comprehensive Diagnostics – Check battery health, temperature levels, camera function, WiFi, Bluetooth and other phone hardware for defects.

The user-friendly interface and detailed on-screen instructions make Aomei Fone Tool Technician accessible even for non-technical users.

Aomei Fone Tool Technician Keygen

Repair System Issues and Errors

The system repair module in Aomei Fone Tool Technician Keygen packs the capabilities to fix over 50 different software errors and issues on iOS and Android devices including:

For iOS

  • Stuck on Apple logo screen
  • Constant rebooting
  • Recovery mode
  • White screen of death
  • iPhone stuck on support screen
  • Black screen after iOS update failure
  • iPhone disabled error
  • iTunes errors like 9, 16, 20, 21, etc.

For Android

  • Black screen, unresponsive display
  • App crashes and freezes
  • Android firmware problems
  • Boot loops
  • Software update failures
  • Bricked device errors
  • ‘No Command’ errors

The system repair feature can come to the rescue when your iPhone or Android phone has become unusable due to a software glitch. It can fix firmware issues, overwrite system errors that cause crashes, remove software bugs, and get your device working again.

Advanced repair algorithms ensure the original data on your device remains intact during the repair process.

Overall, Aomei Fone Tool Technician Download free makes it easy to troubleshoot and resolve the most common iOS and Android system problems right from your Windows PC.

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Recover Deleted or Lost Data

Accidentally losing precious photos, messages, contacts, notes and other data is one of the biggest smartphone headaches.

Aomei Fone Tool Technician Keygen lets you easily recover recently deleted data as well as extract data from damaged, unresponsive or broken phones in various data loss scenarios:

  • Deleted file recovery – Retrieve accidentally deleted contacts, messages, WhatsApp data, photos, call history, notes, app data, and more – even without backups.

  • Water damaged device recovery – Extract data from water damaged phones before corrosion sets in. Ideal for saving data after dropping phones in water.

  • Crashed device data recovery – Retrieve data from phones that crashed, won’t turn on, stuck on Apple logo, black screen, etc.

  • Broken screen data recovery – Recover data from phones with cracked, smashed or faulty screens.

  • Unrooted Android data recovery – No rooting required. Recover data from Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, etc. without voiding warranty.

  • Selective recovery – Choose which file types and data to recover instead of bulk recovery.

The advanced data recovery features make Aomei Fone Tool Technician the perfect choice for both everyday accidental data loss and catastrophic data recovery scenarios.

Transfer Data Between iOS and Android

Switching between iPhone and Android? Aomei Fone Tool Technician Free download makes it simple to selectively transfer data between the two platforms.

You can transfer:

  • Contacts
  • Messages
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Call logs
  • Apps and app data
  • Notes
  • Calendars
  • Bookmarks
  • And more

The transfer process is intuitive with on-screen options to preview data, select the types to transfer, and initiate the migration.

No manual export or saving of files needed. All data retains its original quality and integrity.

With Download free Aomei Fone Tool Technician, you don’t need to rely on manual workarounds like Google Drive or iCloud to move data between iOS and Android devices. It provides a direct phone-to-phone solution.

Remove Forgotten Lock Screen Passwords

Aomei Fone Tool Technician Keygen lets you easily bypass forgotten lock screen passwords and passcodes on iOS and Android devices.

You can remove passwords for:

  • iPhone passcode
  • Face ID
  • Touch ID
  • Android lock screen PIN/password
  • Pattern lock

Once the password is removed, you get full access to your device again while keeping user data intact. No data deletion or loss.

This provides an instant solution when you’ve forgotten your device password and have no other way to unlock the screen.

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Diagnose Hardware Issues

The toolkit also includes diagnostics to check for potential hardware defects and issues on your iPhone or Android device.

You can diagnose:

  • Battery health and temperature
  • Front and rear camera
  • Speakers and microphone
  • Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity
  • Proximity sensor
  • And more

The diagnostics scan your device hardware and report any anomalies, letting you identify and troubleshoot developing hardware problems early. This helps prevent bigger issues down the line.

Remove Junk Files to Free Up Space

Performance and storage space on mobile devices deteriorate over time as junk files, residual files, app caches accumulate.

Aomei Fone Tool Technician Keygen provides an easy way to free up storage space by scanning your device and identifying large files, duplicate files, junk files that can be safely deleted.

This effectively gives your iPhone or Android a digital detox and spring cleaning to reclaim storage space and improve performance.

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Ease of Use

While packed with advanced capabilities, Full version crack Aomei Fone Tool Technician maintains a user-friendly interface and simple workflows suitable even for non-technical users.

The core 5-step process is straightforward:

  1. Download and install the software on your Windows PC.

  2. Use a USB cable to connect your iOS or Android device to the computer.

  3. Select the desired tool (system repair, data recovery, etc). Follow the on-screen instructions.

  4. Wait for the repair, recovery, or transfer process to complete.

  5. Preview the results on-screen, if applicable.

The intuitive design, step-by-step guidance, and lack of overly technical terms or options make the toolkit accessible for average smartphone users.

Why Choose Aomei Fone Tool Technician?

There are several key reasons Aomei Fone Tool Technician Keygen stands out as the top choice for iOS and Android repair and management:

All-in-One Functionality

Aomei Fone Tool Technician consolidates system repair, data recovery, file transfer, diagnostics, and cleaning tools into a single toolkit. You don’t need multiple software for different tasks.


Straightforward workflows and detailed on-screen instructions make the toolkit simple to use even for non-technical users.


Works seamlessly with the latest iOS and Android versions without needing to jailbreak or root devices.


Repairs iOS/Android issues and completes data transfers faster than competitor tools. Scans, analyses, and previews are also quicker.


Advanced but safe repair algorithms ensure minimal risks and retain user data integrity during repairs.

Expert Technical Support

Prompt and knowledgeable 24/7 technical support in case any issues arise during use.

Affordable Pricing

Very reasonably priced considering the premium toolkit you get. Unlimited lifetime license for 1 PC.

For anyone needing to fix iOS/Android issues, recover data from damaged devices, migrate data across platforms, remove lock screen passwords or diagnose hardware problems, Aomei Fone Tool Technician Download free provides the most comprehensive solution.

Aomei Fone Tool Technician Keygen


To summarize, Aomei Fone Tool Technician Keygen offers an unparalleled suite of cutting-edge tools to safely repair iOS and Android system problems, recover lost data, transfer files across devices, unlock forgotten passwords, diagnose hardware issues, and free up storage space.

With its versatile range of features, user-friendly workflow, wide device compatibility, reliable performance and expert technical support, this toolkit provides an essential one-stop solution for complete iOS and Android management.

If you own an iPhone, iPad or Android device, having Free download Aomei Fone Tool Technician Keygen in your corner can help you fix problems, migrate data seamlessly, and take back control of your device. It’s one of the wisest investments any smartphone user could make.

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